Basscoast Music Festival

In a world where music festivals are running rampant, this stellar event holds itself to a different standard. Basscoast is a primarily electronic music festival in British Columbia, on July 8th through the 11th. This festival boasts some of the best dubstep, garage, and general bass-heavy music around.

Basscoast features over 100 artists as well as 3 “audio-visual” environments, run by PK sound. According to a resident advisor on the official website, Basscoast is,

“A DIY endeavour founded and run by women with no sponsors or corporate presence whatsoever, it’s a unique fixture in a region already known for its plethora of festivals…”

This do-it-yourself attitude is what sets BC apart from the rest. It is heavily community based, with high tech art installations for everyone to enjoy as well as guidelines that, more or less, sum up what this festival is about.

“This is not a place to sit back and watch, it’s a place to get in and do”

“It’s like communism but with better music and no nukes”

If you see someone being a jerk in any way, feel free to step in and help. If you see trash on the floor, pick it up. Don’t just sit back and watch as things unfold before your eyes, this is a chance to get up and DO SOMETHING with like-minded people.

Every year there is a different theme, this year’s hasn’t been released as of yet but some hints have been left in the meantime.

“We’re taking some inspiration from the community and from the area that we hold the festival — that is going to play into the theme this year.” (

With 4 days of camping, and a crowd aiming at 3500, it no surprise it has been a sold-out experience this year. Cabins are available to be rented, for those that want to party in style.

You can see the first wave lineup on this youtube video




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