Dirtybird Campout

S’mores, house music, and games anyone? This camping festival is a one-of-a-kind adventure that brings all the adults back in touch with their inner child. This summer camp themed party is diverse and unique, as there are no walls or segregation here. The artists (nicknamed “camp counsellors”) mingle with the campers. Everyone is brought together to bond over some good music in a beautiful valley.

The location is the hilly and woodsy Silverado, California. This festival invites those who want to connect to nature and have an all-encompassing musical experience. Where else can you try your hand at team games, archery, yoga, nature walks, and participate in a talent show all while listening to some of the best names in house music?

There are only roughly 31 DJ’s, so there will be no need to worry about missing anyone or weighing which stage you’ll miss in order to see another one. Artists such as Claude Vonstroke, Lee Foss, Justin Martin, Justin Jay, Kill Frenzy, and Martin Brothers. These, as well as several other experimental and future beats, will blow the log cabin apart with heart stopping bass and danceable tunes.

Imagine Nation, with a beautiful wizard-like stage, will be there to help guide the human spirit and secure a connection with other like-minded individuals. The Grand Artique will be there, hosting their interactive stages and shows for all to enjoy.

This campsite party isn’t too hard on the wallet either. General admission tickets for 3-days, which includes a camping pass, is around $145. Backstage passes run $300, and include VIP access as well as their famous BBQ.

Another notable feature of this festival is their refusal to ignore cultural appropriation. Headdresses are often worn at festivals, but the people that do this are unwittingly mocking the very real Native American culture. This is reducing them to another stereotype to be dressed up as a Halloween costume. Not a lot of festivals are willing to stand up for the rights of an entire culture, but this simple act of thoughtfulness goes a long way.

On the lighter side of the festival, comedy nights are there to keep the smiles coming, with only good vibes to be had and hilarious memories in the making.

If you’re not the utmost camping enthusiast, they have packages where your spot will be already set up and waiting for you upon your arrival. These deluxe luxury tents are around $1000, but the hassle it will save you is priceless. Leave the hard stuff up to the experts and get ready for an easy-peasy camping adventure.

Overall, this festival is a great way to make some super chill friends in a fun place where your inner child can come out and play. And play you will.



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