How to: Make a costume for a music festival

Making a unique statement when you are at a music festival is a great way to get creative and express who you are. You could wear a shirt and jeans, but then you get 0 fun points. Get your sewing kit out and get pumped up to make something awesome that you actually get to wear. 

1. If you don’t have a sewing kit, now’s the time to pick one up. You can get a simple one at any hobby store. Don’t get anything too fancy, unless you already know how to use it and know you’ll need some of the more complicated settings. Most basic kits will work, and can cost as low as $20-$30. You can order one online or maybe even borrow one from a crafty friend!

2. The second thing you need to do, is draw out what you’re thinking. Don’t be afraid to be outlandish. You might end up scrapping it if it’s too unreasonable, but maybe you can find a way to make it work. Some of the best accessories on an outfit are failed attempts at something else that ended up looking way better than the original idea.

3. Start putting it together. You can download fabric cuts to make pants, shirts, capes, ears, tentacles, anything you can think of. These patterns will help cut the fabric the way you need to and some may be tricky, so having a map is a good idea.

4. Buying fabric is probably the best part. There are so many fabric types out there with different patterns, textures, and all levels of glamorous. When you plan out what you need, make sure you leave some room for error. Don’t get EXACTLY the amount you need, it’s better to have too much than too little.

5. Don’t underestimate couponing!! A lot of fabric shops will have weekly coupons in newspapers or on their websites. Print these out, and use as many as possible. Fabric expenses can add up quickly, and you can save dozens or maybe hundreds of dollars in the long run. Check out the discounted areas as well, you never know what you’ll find. If you don’t want to buy all new fabric, you can try craigslist, thrift stores, and even old clothes you’ll probably never wear again. You can gently tear the seams and reconstruct cloth the way you want it, or use it as accents.

6. Plan making your outfit at least a month ahead of time. You don’t want to end up rushing, and a lot of things you plan on being simple end up taking a few extra weeks. Murphy’s law is in full effect at all times, unless you actually know what you’re doing.

7. Make sure your outfit will be comfortable enough to wear for long hours, will last through sweaty dancing or walking sessions, and easy enough to get off when you need the bathroom. Also, add some secret pockets just ’cause 🙂

Whether you’re making a scary costume, a trippy mask, a furry cosplay, an anime character, a bedazzled rave outfit, or just want to add something to your normal attire, knowing how to make your own clothes ensures that your style is unlike anyone has seen. This also applies to comic-con or any ‘con’ where you can make your own outfit. However, making armor or things that aren’t basic fabric will require a lot more materials and patience (as well as lots of youtube tutorials.)

Have fun! Get crazy!


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