Suicide Squad Review

Hello! Today, I am going to talk a little bit, or a lot of bit, about the Suicide Squad movie! (Spoilers)

Suicide Squad opened August 5th of 2016, and has made about $262 million domestically so far. (It has even beat Guardians of the Galaxy) It has scored a less than 30% on Rotten Tomatoes which started a short-lived revolution to petition RT to retire early. The reason being was that people looked at the reviews and decided not to see the movie, and a lot of people who saw it actually really loved it. They also felt that it unjustly gives the DCEU movies bad reviews.  Which makes no sense because Rotten Tomatoes just averages scores and reviews that critics leave on the internet. Don’t take it so personally, guys!

Anyway, all drama aside, I’m going to be going over a few things but I’ll start with what I liked about the movie. Also I’d suggest watching Assault on Arkham to get a clear idea of how the team works and each of their personalities individually.

  • The characters are pretty cool. Most have relatively rich and interesting back stories, (if you read the comics or did some googling before you watched the movie) then it’s nice to see all these people in action. The costumes and makeup were fun.
  • The effects were satisfying. It had some unique camera angles and it wasn’t so action-y to the point of being overwhelming. I mean there was a lot of explosions, but it’s expected. The character intros were colorful and reminded me of something out of a comic, which is the idea of course. Quoting the admirable Kevin Smith, it was like a “hot topic came to life”, and I’d have to strongly agree.
  • It had decent music. Popular artists made some songs for the movie and they are actually catchy and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a song on my iPod right now.

Ok now on to the things I think they could have worked on a little bit more

  • I personally wish that they would have made individual movies for the characters first. Taking Marvel for instance, they had a Thor movie. They had an Iron Man movie. Then Captain America. They had Hulk. THEN they put them all in a movie. It made more sense that way rather than work BACKWARDS. They announced a Harley Quinn standalone movie as well as I think 2 more SS movies. All I’m saying is that it’s really hard to relate to a character when all you know about them is their profile picture and irrelevant facts about their past.
  • As for their relationships between hero and villain, heroes ‘work together’, (even irl, the avengers were friends) but with SS, they aren’t meant to do that. They are working towards a common goal, but villains don’t really make the best team mates. So it’s pretty un-relatable. 
  • I wish it wasn’t pg-13. I know that pg-13 movies tend to make more money in the box office, but I really feel like it took away some of the hardcore griminess of the characters. These guys are seriously messed up, and the only violence they showed was gunfire (to faceless mind-controlled enemies.) Also it sucks that the characters have to end up being “good guys” because it’s a movie. Just let the bad guys be bad guys for once! Why do movies always have to sugar coat EVIL DEEDS?!They are evil!
  • Half of the characters were super unnecessary. Captain Boomerang didn’t have to be there. The movie would have flowed even better without him. They only reason he was there was probably to have an excuse to kill off Slipknot (which was a cute nod to the comics, but was also unnecessary). Katana seems like a badass character, but why throw her in a movie when we know 2 things about her and she barely does anything?  Enchantresses brother didn’t need to be there. At all. Killer croc? He was chill but did nothing really…? I mean they didn’t even try to explain anything about him. El diablo was ok actually.
  • Enchantress does the robot? I don’t know what she was going for, her jerky dance/ creepy movement was awkward. She could have just been mystical and flowing like a gypsy woman and it would have worked way better.
  • THE JOKER. Ok, so I get why he has grills (you can only get your teeth knocked out so many times before you need some fake ones, right?). There was a lot of pressure on Leto’s portrayal, but I think he did ok. I think that every joker in the movies are different. The early joker was more of a comedic relief, being silly and unpredictable. As time went on, he became more insane and dangerous. Jack Nicholson made him kind of like a gangster, then in the Dark Knight, he was an anarchist who wanted to watch the “world burn!” In this one, I feel like he’s more deeply psychotic. I think that for this movie, he didn’t fit in at all. Apparently, there was so much cut footage that they could have made it into another movie. The backstory on the Joker and Harley Quinn is so interesting, and it didn’t even make the movie.
  • Their relationship was portrayed differently. I’d like to say that they just didn’t want the really abusive relationship to be the one that makes the silver screen, but I feel like it’s necessary to Harley’s character development. She starts off being manipulated and abused by the Joker, and slowly she changes. After all of the joker’s attempts to KILL HER (more than any other character in the DCU), she finally reaches her limits. She kind of falls in love with Poison Ivy and learns how to be herself and stand up after her abusive relationship.They aren’t some happy couple, destined for marriage and a happy life together. I think it’s a powerful story and I hope that they don’t just soften it up for the movies.
  • The story was weak and there were a lot of plot holes and it didn’t flow well at all. Why would Amanda Waller assemble this group in the first place? Couldn’t she have maybe tried to ask some actual heroes to help out first? How is a psychopath with a baseball bat and a guy with a boomerang expected to take down someone with mystical, otherworldly powers? How did El Diablo keep the bomb in his neck from going off when he turned entirely to fire? Why did Harley not LOOK FOR THE JOKER? I’d go searching for him because he’s the joker and there’s no way he dies in a helicopter crash. SO. MANY. QUESTIONS!
  • Overall, I thought it was “meh” and I can imagine a 16 year-old version of myself loving it to death. There was a lot wrong with the movie, but it was entertaining if you don’t think about it too hard. Kind of glad I saw it but I wouldn’t really want to see it again.

Anyway I’ve rambled enough for today, but I’d like to encourage you all to tell me how you guys liked the movie! Do you agree with my list? Anything you’d like to add? I will do my best to reply to everyone.

Thanks again for reading!


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